Who We Are

The Myeloma Solutions Fund (MSF) provides grants, fellowships, and investments to fund innovative approaches that deliver true impact for patients with high-risk (HR) multiple myeloma (MM), with an emphasis on the t(4;14) subtype. Collaboration is encouraged to help ensure that data generation drives strategies for clinical application with a vision towards cure. Breakthrough and disruptive approaches are prioritized.

Research is needed to find a true or functional cure for MM patients with high-risk MM. Key areas include: 

  • Understanding mechanisms of drug resistance and progression.
  • Using an individual’s specific disease characteristics to target treatment.
  • Implementing novel clinical strategies to guide therapeutic decisions and improve outcomes for these patients.

MSF leadership

Michael Robbins

Scientific Advisor

Michael serves as scientific advisor and managing director for ​the​ MSF and brings 30 years of experience in biopharma drug discovery and development. For the last 15 years Michael’s research has focused on Multiple Myeloma including leadership roles for ​research, translational ​medicine, and ​medical ​strategy.

MSF is a donor advised fund administered by Impact Assets. The advisors to the fund are Nick Pritzker, Susan Pritzker, Regan Pritzker, and Chris Olin.​