Computational Biology Fellowships/Post-Doc Program in Multiple Myeloma

Drs. Ola Landgren and Francesco Maura Sylvester
Drs. Ola Landgren and Francesco Maura Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami

The use of computational biology and artificial intelligence is playing an increasing role in cancer research. To help understand the complexities of MM biology and to inform treatment decisions, MSF is funding post-doctoral fellowships in Computational Biology. These fellowships will serve to support MSF-sponsored research grants while providing the training to help address the need for research faculty focused on computational biology in MM.

To help maximize existing and future MSF research grants, the MSF-funded computational biology post-doc/fellowships will initially be awarded to three institutions.  Additional fellowships at other institutions will be considered. Mentorship from these institutions will consist of a computational biology expert and a translational medicine expert in MM. In addition to the work guided by their mentors, the computational biology post-doc/fellows will also work collaboratively with other MSF-funded research sites and particularly with other MSF-sponsored post-doc/fellows.

With the announcement of these initial post-doctoral fellowships in computational biology, the MSF maintains its commitment to focused research in high-risk MM.